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We provide fast and secure with no hassle trading services for individuals who interested to buy or sell EC. All transactions are guaranteed to be completed within 12 hours.

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Great News! Affiliate Program Of 0.01 Ratio Bonus Up For Grab.

After 6 years of great support from our beloved customers, we decided to reward you more. We introduce an affiliate program for any type of membership to earn 0.01 ratio bonus from every buy/sell of EC.

For instance:
When your direct referral buy/sell $500 EC, you will get the evoPoint bonus of (500 x 0.01) = 5.00 evoPoint which is also equivalent to RM5.00

Start refer to your friends today and earn the bonus :)
Referral link : http://www.evogates.com/?ref=YourLoginID

Buy EC with Credit Card (PayPal)

Great news! You can now buy EC with Credit Card (PayPal) with few conditions:
1) The rate is higher than normal rate. Negotiable with evoGates.
2) The transaction is INSTANT after we received the payment.
3) Minimum purchase is $300.00
Interested? Please contact us for more details. Have a nice day :)

Prepaid Top Up Cards for Sale

You can now purchase prepaid top up cards and at the same time enjoying the referral bonus. Refer to your friends and start earning referral bonus. Please check the details at (Product > Top Up Card) section. It is always our pleasure to serve you better.

Need to top up your prepaid credits? Click here.

New Affiliate Program with evoPoint

We have introduce "New Affiliate Program with evoPoint". Please feel free to get your referral link and check the details at (Membership > Upgrade / Affiliate) section. Thank you.

  > Buy : RM4.64 | US$1.140
| SG$1.62

  > Sell : RM4.35 | US$0.920
| SG$1.33

  > Buy : RM6161.50
  > Sell : RM5448.06

  > Buy : RM4.80 | US$1.150
  > Sell : RM4.10 | US$0.920

  > Buy : RM4.85

  > Buy : RM4.70
  > Sell : RM3.90

  > Buy : RM4.66
  > Sell : RM4.00


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